How it Works

jewelry swimsuit


Before the digital age, a tried and true method to remember important things was to tie a string around your finger, or write things down on a to-do list.  Keeping it ever-present. Now smartphones do that much more effectively.  But, what if you want to remember something that isn’t suited for an alert?  What if it is sincere aspiration? Deeply important to you and yet seemingly out of reach.

It is my belief, when holding crystals or precious gems in our fingers, their beauty, shape, color, weight, and sparkle; there’s no doubt about its intrinsic value.

That’s one reason we’ve embellished each one of our swimsuits, by hand, with a set of “Life Affirming Gems.”  With the intent to empower you with a different kind of reminder. One to help inspire you to attain your goals and desires.

I recommend that when you first put on your Swimspiration swimsuit, you associate a particular goal or desire with the gems attached to its ties. The next time, and each time thereafter, you wear your suit, a simple touch and or admiring view of the gems, will be a subliminal reminder, encouraging you to strive with purpose towards your goal.

 “Change The Way You Look At Things,

                        And The Things You Look At Change"- Wayne Dyer